News from Louisville Grows and how you can help!

food blog louisville growsYour investment of time and resources make our work possible!  We are pleased to announce that Louisville Grows will finally have an office space in the Compassion Building!  We’re still looking for donations of office supplies, gently used computers, and office furniture for our new office space at the Compassion Building!  Contact Rachel at for the complete list of office needs.  We also need cardboard, garden tools, tree planting equipment, and cow or horse manure for the gardens.

We are proud to be a part of the revitalization of the Portland Neighborhood and look forward to sharing space with the Community Farm Alliance and other non-profits working to promote social justice and equal access to the arts and healthy food.  We’d also like to congratulate an amazing storyteller, LG neighborhood representative and volunteer Kristen Williams who has been selected as a 2013 New Face of Philanthropy!!!! We couldn’t be prouder-please support her and Louisville Grows by buying a ticket to the award dinner where Kristen and the other New Faces finalists will receive recognition and financial grants in total of $7000.


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