Logo Contest for Food In Neighborhoods!

The mission of the Food In Neighborhoods Community Coalition (FIN) is to support community efforts to build a just, healthy, and sustainable food system.


The members of the Food In Neighborhoods Community Coalition are developing a new website and need a new logo to go with it!  As a community coalition, we invite YOU, our community of friends, artists, advocates, and graphic designers to join our logo contest!  The winner will receive a local food gift basket and be promoted on the FIN website, facebook page, and at the LFPL How-To Festival on May 12, 2018!

How to Enter:

  1. Design a logo that represents FIN and its mission.  Read below for more information about FIN and logo ideas from our membership.
  2. You may submit up to 3 logos or versions. Please submit a scalable vector graphic or high-resolution PNG graphic; black and white, white, and/or color for our website, brochure, and other marketing materials.
  3. Send your logo(s) to finlouisville@gmail.com by Monday, April 23 and include your name and phone number in your e-mail.
  4. Logos will be voted on by Food In Neighborhoods members during the week of April 23.


The FIN logo will be used to represent the work of FIN on the FIN website, promotional materials, signage at events, social media, FIN branded t-shirts/water bottles/stickers, etc.


We ask that all logo ideas are developed and shared by Monday, April 23, 2018.  FIN leadership will then share the top logo options with FIN membership to vote on during the week of April 23.

File Specifications:

File Type: Scalable Vector Graphic and/or high-resolution PNG

Community Process:

FIN is committed to communal decision making.  The members of FIN were asked in a survey to offer feedback on what logo concepts should be included in FIN’s new logo.  The question we asked was:

“What phrases, ideas, images, and colors best represent Food In Neighborhoods to you? For example, ‘Food for all’ or ‘Healthy, affordable food’ or ‘People power’ or visual images such as ‘Joined hands’ or ‘Vegetables’ or ‘Louisville skyline’ or ‘People with fists up.’ List as many as you wish…”

The responses to these questions are attached.  We look forward to seeing your creative interpretation of this feedback.  Designers are welcome to submit multiple logos.


For Additional Information or Clarification:

Please submit logos by: Monday, April 23, 2018

Submit developed logos via email to: finlouisville@gmail.com

Please Contact: Rachel Brunner, FIN Member

rbrunner@archlou.org502-873-2566 ext. 154 

More about FIN:

The Food In Neighborhoods Community Coalition was formed in 2011 as a community food policy council.  FIN supports local efforts and initiates collaborative projects in urban agriculture, food and agricultural policy and advocacy, and food justice and food access in Louisville, KY.  FIN membership currently includes Louisville citizens and volunteers and staff from:

  • Americana Community Center
  • Common Earth Gardens, Catholic Charities of Louisville
  • Food Literacy Project
  • Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District
  • Lots of Food
  • Louisville Grows
  • Louisville Farmers Market Association
  • Louisville Food Cooperative
  • Louisville Forward
  • Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness
  • New Roots Fresh Stops
  • Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Slow Food Bluegrass
  • University of Louisville, Department of Public Health and Information Sciences
  • UK Cooperative Extension Service
  • And more!

Guiding Feedback and Suggestions for FIN’s New Logo:

Images  • Guiding Phrases  • Colors • General Suggestions


  • Skyline
    • Louisville skyline with farm tools mixed in with the buildings;
    • Louisville skyline, greenery, vegetation
    • Vegetables growing along a street scape; buildings that are made of vegetables
    • People in a garden, with skyline in the background
    • Skyline image
    • maybe with Louisville skyline with vegetables and people and houses (but unique from other Louisvile skyline logos)
  • Veggies/ Fruit / healthy grocery basket
    • Veggies
    • Veggies Abound, Veggies All Around
    • plot w lots of veg
  • Fists
    • Fists up, clasping veggies!
    • Multiple hands holding vegetables; power fist holding a vegetable
    • People with fists clenching veggies!
  • Hands Joined
    • Food for all/ healthy food for all, hands joined together
    • Helping with healthy food while holding hands
    • People power, joined hands.
  • Text
    • Just use the name of the organization “Louisville Food In Neighborhoods Community Coalition”
    • More text than images, simple, (Toronto and Pittsburgh policy council logos)
    • Food In Neighborhoods,
    • Food In Neighborhoods written out
  • Other
    • Images that incorporate people AND food (not one or the other)
    • Maybe use abstract circles or swirls to show action and connection.
    • A pyramid (like the FDA one but with the benefits of a local food economy)

Guiding Phrases:

  • I am a fan of images that represent the power of people to make change.
  • Health, environment, food production and community
  • I like “Healthy, affordable food”
  • Food Justice, Culturally Appropriate, Food Access, Nourishment, Public Health, Empowerment, Community Engagement
  • Community-controlled, fresh and affordable
  • food for all
  • healthy affordable food for all


General Suggestions:

  • Keep it simple and make sure it scales well.
  • I would keep it simple
  • I would not add a tagline to the logo (e.g. food for all).
  • Finding an image will be challenging because of the diversity of this coalition. Abstract concepts are especially hard — food justice, collaboration, neighborhood, local, residents, access, agriculture, buy local, connect.
  • Food plants and people are all fine images but it take so long to communicate a complex idea and agree on one in an image that I’m a big fan of just deciding to use the name and using text in a graphic an interesting way with a simple an image as possible. It’s easier to pick from pre-selected images that get it what we’re doing then to suppose them without selling them😉
  • Simple

Questions?  Want to get more involved in FIN?  E-mail us at finlouisville@gmail.com!  Thank you!

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