New Roots


Phone: (502) 509-6770

Contact: Karyn Moskowitz


Address: 1800 Portland Avenue, Louisville, KY 40203


New Roots is a Louisville-based non-profit organization that works to develop a just and thriving food system in Louisville, Kentucky metro communities.

New Roots works to improve the distribution and utilization of fresh foods by facilitating leadership development, improving access to fresh food for urban residents, providing education to families on the use of fresh foods, and facilitating opportunities in the city for local and regional farmers and food producers through the Fresh Stop Project. We provide educational materials and professional guidance on the use of fresh food products, and contacts with local farmers and distributors so that participating communities are able to develop successful long-term relationships leading to healthy lifestyles for member families. We have a track record of implementing successful community-based Fresh Stop programs, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our efforts in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, or working with us, you may contact Karyn Moskowitz at (502) 509-6770. Please visit the “Donate Now” section of our website to help us achieve our goals to serve the community. We thank you in advance for your interest and support.





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