Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition (FIN)

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gardenforhumanityThe mission of the Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition (FIN) is to support community efforts to build a just, healthy and sustainable food system.

FIN meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at the Main Library at 301 York Street (between 3rd and 4th Streets), Louisville, KY. Email:


FIN is a broad coalition of individuals and representatives of groups working to build a more equitable, healthy, and sustainable food and farm system in and around Louisville.  A commitment to the above goal and shared values of inclusiveness, anti-oppression, fairness, and equity are the magnetic core of the coalition.

FIN is committed to creating a space where all have a voice in shaping a just and resilient food system, with special emphasis on perspectives, expressed needs, and solutions emerging from the neighborhoods most directly and negatively affected by the dominant food regime

In 2010, the Food In Neighborhoods Committee published The State of Food report which is a snapshot of food access in Louisville, KY. FIN also maintains – when we have enough volunteer engagement – this Louisville Food Blog.

Activities and Accomplishments

  • Established a space for sharing and strategizing with people working for a just and healthy food system, and has partnered with the YMCA, Center for Health Equity, Breaking New Grounds, Louisville Grows, Catholic Charities, Presbyterian Hunger Program, New Roots, Network Center for Community Change, University of Louisville, Cooperative Extension and others.
  • Helped to develop streamlined rules for starting community and market gardens.
  • Supported Louisville’s six Healthy in a Hurry corner stores which sell over 10,000 servings of fresh produce each month in areas designated as “food deserts.”
  • Produced and distributed over 20,000 annual Farmers Market/Fresh Stops guides.

Get Involved with FIN!

  • Attend monthly meetings and join an action team that speaks most to your interests.
  • Share your questions, concerns, and gifts with FIN.
  • Receive and give support for food justice work and urban agriculture in Louisville communities.

FIN Collaborative Leadership Team (Contact for more information)

Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition Flyer

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