Home Vegetable Gardening in Kentucky is a publication created by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service that includes all you need to know to start a garden- from planning your garden and choosing a site to disease and insect control to what vegetables to grow in what seasons and more!

Vegetable Planting Guide provided by Bunton’s Seeds includes information on when and how to plant vegetables in the Louisville, KY area.

SNAPpy Facts is a brochure created by the Presbyterian Hunger Program VISTA volunteers that shares information about applying for SNAP benefits, purchasing and cooking fresh produce, budgeting tips, and other useful things to know while grocery shopping.  If you would like to pass out SNAPpy Facts at your community center, church, workshop, or class, please contact Andrew at for hard copies.


Scholarly Resources

For part of a collaborative class project, University of Louisville students under the guidance of Dr. Lisa Markowitz surveyed current news articles, reports, and scholarly literature on local food systems. This literature search turned up numerous works on both Louisville and regional food systems and economic initiatives. In addition to gathering citations, the students wrote annotations for each resource found. The purpose of this project was to provide access to recent research on the Louisville and regional food systems to persons interested in conducting further research, such as for writing a thesis or a grant proposal. The full list of resources may be accessed through the hyperlink above, or within the categorized groups. The resources have been divided into the following categories:

Improving Food Access

Economics of the Louisville Food System

Kentucky Food Economy

Community Agriculture Initiatives/Schoolyard Gardens

Appalachia/Rural Kentucky

Farmers’ Markets


Food and Health


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