Common Earth Gardens

Contact: Laura Stevens and Rachel Brunner
Email: or
Phone: (502) 873-2566 ext 256 or ext 154
Common Earth Gardens is Louisville’s refugee agriculture program that supports over 400 gardeners and farmers through the Community Garden program and Incubator Farm training program.  Growers gain self-reliance through land access, growing native vegetables, reducing food costs, and participating in culturally appropriate training about growing food in Kentucky.  Incubator farm participants gain business management skills, learn larger scale growing practices, and supplement their family income by selling produce to buyers in Louisville.

Donate now! Follow this link, and be sure to specify Common Earth Gardens:


Meeting Support Volunteers
  • Plot Renewal Meetings (February-April and October-November)
    • Assist gardeners in filling out plot applications, identifying garden plot details, and completing payment
  • Farm and Garden Classes and Trainings (February-October)
    • Assist growers and staff during indoor and outdoor classes about growing produce, crop planning, farm business development, record keeping, etc.

Garden and Farm Volunteers (Great option for volunteer groups!)

  • Garden Workdays (April, August, and October)
    • Mulch pathways, pick up trash, weed common areas, manage compost piles, preparing the plots for spring and winter, and assist with special garden projects
  • Garden Assistants (April-October)
    • Volunteers interested in learning or using their skills in growing food can assist in tending demonstration garden plots at the St. Anthony Campus and Incubator Farm.  Food from these plots is harvested for Common Table.

Construction Volunteers (Year-round)

  • Design and build or improve outdoor bulletin boards, compost bin structures, plot number stakes, signage, picnic tables, and other projects at community gardens and farm sites.
Don’t see anything you’re interested in? We are always looking for volunteers, land, donations, and partners –contact us, and we can get you plugged in!



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