Louisville Grows

Website: www.louisvillegrows.org

Contact: Valerie Magnuson, Executive Director

E-mail: valerie@louisvillegrows.org

Phone: (502) 681-5106


Who We Are

Louisville Grows is a small non-profit that is committed to providing sustainability consultation of the highest quality. We are a group of motivated and energetic citizens with a passion for the Louisville Metro area, and are focused to gain the greatest value for our clients and the community. As a non-profit we are able to provide consultation to groups who would normally not be able to participate through grants, donors, and normal business activities.

How To Get Involved

There are many different, equally important ways to be involved with Louisville Grows. As a business you can simply contract with Louisville Grows and a portion of your fees will subsidize  our other programs. As an individual you can donate to our program, volunteer your time, or join our board. As an organization you can partner with us.

Our Mission: To promote the well-being of local communities by fostering sustainable living and lasting community partnerships through education, leadership, and the coordination of resources.


The People’s Garden


Website: http://www.louisvillegrows.org/urban-agriculture/peoples-garden

Contact: Valerie Magnuson

Email: valerie@louisvillegrows.org

Address: 409 Northwestern Parkway, Louisville, KY. 40212



The People’s Garden in West Louisville’s Shawnee neighborhood is a collaboration between Louisville Grows and District 5 Councilwoman Cheri Bryant Hamiliton.    In July of 2011 we began planning the transformation of a 5 acre lot owned by Metro parks into a 20 member community garden, market garden, and children’s educational garden.  Two greenhouses were donated by the city of Louisville’s Life Zone project and are still under construction.  When completed, the greenhouses will be used to extend the growing season for our community gardeners and to grow plants and starts for backyard gardeners in the surrounding neighborhood.  We are currently offering hands-on educational programs for children ages 6-12 and have produced over 300 lbs of organically grown fruits and vegetables in our market garden for distribution throughout West Louisville in the Healthy in a Hurry corner stores and through the Shawnee Fresh Stop.  We are grateful to the Norton Foundation for their support.

The People’s Garden consists of a Community Garden, Market Garden and a Children’s Garden.  There are volunteer workdays on most Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am-3pm.  Volunteers are always welcome!  Contact Valerie for more information.



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