Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville (SAL)

SAL:  Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville

SAL, also means “salt” in Spanish, or mineral fertility in Mother Earth, and a catalyst for transformation.

SAL has a 14 year history of education of children and aspiring grower adults, as well as food justice and sovereignty minded organizers.  Over the years SAL has brought hundreds and hundreds of children into direct contact with Mother Earth with our Gardening Day Camp program to learn traditional food ways, food processing and cooking. SAL has engaged in farmer to farmer education and networking with our Aspiring Farmer program.  Today we have community sown crops in the fields in our MILPA program that reconnects folk to indigenous practices for producing staple foods maize, beans and squash, the 3 Sisters.  The produce is used as an organizing tool with two years of Corn Festivals and Tamal and Tortilla Potlucks and Field Days at La Minga farm.  SAL is applying for membership with the US Food Sovereignty Alliance, connecting us to national and international efforts to reclaim our common goods of nature.

Contact: Stephen Bartlett


Phone: (502) 415-1080