University of Louisville Sustainability Office

Food Website:
Contact: Justin Mog, Assistant to the Provost for Sustainability Initiatives
Phone: 502-852-8575


The University of Louisville seeks to provide ever greater access to local, healthy, and sustainably produced food through its work in campus dining, farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture, Basic Pantry Program, Fair Trade, and organic gardens.


The University of Louisville is committed to integrating sustainability into everything we do – from how we manage our facilities, finances and people to what we teach in the classroom and what we research in the lab.

Our vision is to create a university that is itself a living laboratory for sustainability and a campus community that leads by example and educates as much by what we do as by what we say.

Our goal is to make decisions which reflect a balanced consideration for environmental, social and economic responsibility and to continually learn as we go.

Creating a more sustainable UofL is a dynamic, multi-faceted, long-term process. We’ve come a long way and we have a long way to go…but, yes, it’s happening here.

Use this site to learn more about our on-going UofL sustainability initiatives and to explore the many ways you can get involved and help us create a better world right here, right now.



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